Gurupoornima Celebrations 2012-13

Mysore, 1 January 2013

Guru Poornima was celebrated at Amrita Vidyalayam on the 3rd of July 2012. The programme started with the chanting of Guru sthotram followed by Bhajans and Lalitha Sahasranama. The Principal Swamini Virajamrita Chaitanya gave a speech about the significance of the day and the speciality of Guru poornima. She said that the saptha rishis have come close to the earth on this day to bless the people.

The programme proceeded with the Jyothi Pooja, Mata Pithru Pada Pooja and Cow Pooja in which many parents participated.

A small skit was presented by each house to bring out the significance of the guru. The huge crowd had accumulated at Amrita campus to participate in the function.